A group of Georgia senior golfers, at the direction of Wade Hampton of Columbus, enjoyed its first tournament in 1967 at Callaway Gardens. It was at this event that the group further discussed the need for an on-going organization. The next event was held in April 1968 at Green Island Country Club with 34 participants. The first officers were elected and the organization was off and running with Mr. G. Larry Tilghmon as our first President.

In December 1969, the Georgia Secretary of State approved the organization’s Corporate Charter, and Mr. W.E. “Bill” Davey became the organization’s Secretary, later changed to Executive Director. The Annual Bill Davey Partnership Tournament is named in his honor, in recognition of his ten years of service. During Bill’s tenure the Association averaged five tournaments a year, and wives were encouraged to attend.

In 1979, Mr. Bayne Grubb was elected to Executive Director. During Bayne’s service years the organization averaged six events. Lyndon Harris was appointed as Assistant to Mr. Grubb in 1987, and was elected Executive Director in 1988. The organization grew in membership to over 700, and in number of tournaments to 11 per year during the 20 years Lyndon was Executive Director. The Annual Championship Tournament is now named in his honor. Norma, his wife and Executive Assistant, was the first to establish a database, assign membership numbers, and use a computer in the work. Lyndon and Norma retired at the end of 2007 and their son and daughter-in-law were put in place to continue the work and tradition of the Association. Darryl Harris was elected Executive Director in September 2007. Under his guidance, the use of technology increased with the startup of the first website, the use of electronic mail for communications, and the capability to register and pay for tournaments online. Darryl and Michelle retired at the end of 2021. At that time, Darryl’s name was added to the Annual Championship Tournament in recognition of Darryl’s 14-year tenure. Mark Magee assumed the duties of Executive Director with the help of his wife Amy in 2022.

The Executive Director is supported by a Board of Directors elected by classes of four, each to serve three-year terms. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Immediate Past President and Executive Director. These officers are elected each year and must have served previously as a member of the Board.

The Association attempts to keep a good balance of tournaments, considering cost, location, and membership interest. 2023 will offer the membership at least eight events.