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A group of Georgia senior golfers, at the direction of Wade Hampton of Columbus, enjoyed their first tournament in 1967 at Callaway Gardens. It was at this event that the group further discussed the need for an ongoing organization. Mr. Hampton died in January 1968 and did not enjoy seeing his idea blossom.


The next event was in April 1968 at Green Island Country Club with 34 participants. The first officers were elected and the organization was off and running with Mr. G. Larry Tilghmon as our first President. The first officers were elected at the April 1968 tournament.


In December 1969 the organization’s Corporate Charter was approved by the Georgia Secretary of State. Also in 1969 Mr. W. E. “Bill” Davey became the organization’s Secretary, later changed to Executive Director. Bill held this position until his death in June of 1979. The Annual Partnership Tournament is named the “Bill Davey” Tournament in recognition of his ten years of service. During his tenure the organization averaged five tournaments each year and wives were encouraged to attend with their husbands. Other activities as well as golf were planned for their enjoyment.


In 1979, Mr. Bayne Grubb was elected to the Executive Director position left vacant by Bill’s untimely death. During Bayne’s service years the organization averaged six events each year, until his last year—1987—when it had grown to seven. Lyndon Harris was appointed in 1987 as assistant to Mr. Grubb to begin training as his replacement. This occurred in March of 1988 when Lyndon became Executive Director. The organization grew during the tenure of Lyndon and his wife, Norma, who had become the Executive Assistant. They became the heart and soul of the Georgia Senior Golfers. The Annual Championship Tournament was named the “Lyndon Harris Championship” in recognition of his twenty years of service.


Lyndon and Norma retired at the end of 2007 and their son and daughter-in-law were elected to continue the great work and tradition of the Georgia Senior Golfers Association. Darryl and Michelle enjoyed a year following Lyndon and Norma through the work necessary to keep a membership of about 800 functioning. Darryl became the Executive Director in September 2007. Under his guidance the use of current technology has increased with the startup of the first web site and the use of electronic mail to keep the membership and Board of Directors informed.

In 2020 Darryl and Michelle announced their intended "retirement", and the board tapped Mark Magee to become the fifth Executive Director, a position he assumed in October, 2021 at the annual meeting.  It was also announced that the annual championship would be re-named the Lyndon and Darryl Harris Championship.  During 2021 Mark and his wife, Amy worked closely with Darryl and Michelle to assure a smooth transition.


The Executive Director is supported by a Board of Directors elected by classes of four each to serve three year terms. There is an Executive Board made up of President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Immediate Past President and Executive Director. These Officers are elected each year and must have served previously as a member of the Board. The slate of Officers and Directors is presented at the annual Meeting normally held in September/October.


The organization tries to keep a good balance of tournaments, considering cost, location and membership interest. This generally means three or four are in or close to Georgia, two are at resorts some distance away (including one possible location outside the continental United States), and the others are usually within one day’s driving distance. We now enjoy up to eleven tournaments a year…


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